Size Guide

Step 1: Find Your Band Size
Wearing a lightly lined our unlined bra, wrap a measuring tape around your back
and measure just under the band.Round down to the nearest even number
this is your band size
Step 2: Measure Your Bust
Measure around the fullest part of the bust making sure that tyhe
tape is parallel to the ground .Round up to the nearest whole number .
Step 3: Find Your Cup Size
Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement.
The difference between the band and bust measurement determines your cup size
10cm - A cup 12.5cm - B cup 15cm - C cup 17.5cm - D cup 19cm - E cup 20cm - F cup
Your Idearl Bra Size
Combine your band size and cup size to get your ideal bra size












1.I'm withe the Band
Your band should be level around your body and give you snug support.
If it rides up,go down a band size .Start with the middle hook.If it digs in ,go up one.
2.My Cups Runneth Over
The cups should hug your shape without spillage. If you're popping out,
your cups are too small .If the cups wrinkle or gap,they're too big.
3,Under the Wire
Your underwires should encircle your breasts and sit against your body.
If they poke or pinch,try a bigger cup size.
4. Strapped for Time
Adjust your straps with every wear (allow 2 fingers under each strap).If your straps still fall,
go down a cup size .If they dig inor cause shoulder pain,go up a cup size .
5. Ladies,Front & Center
The section between the cups helps to separate and create shape
If the center front does not lie flat,you may need to go up a cup size