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Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to How a Bra Should Properly Fit

by WongHayley on Sep 01, 2023

How a Bra Should Properly Fit

When it comes to comfort and confidence, there's no denying that a well-fitting bra can make all the difference. Folks know it ain't an easy task for many women to find that just-right bra. Studies have been saying about 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Wearing a bra that ain't cut for you can bring about breast pain and oftentimes pays no mind to the crucial elements that go into craftin' the downright flawless bra. Whether you're on a quest for everyday comfort or gearing up for a special occasion, here's your comprehensive guide to ensuring that your bra fits flawlessly.

1. Start with the Bra Band

The bra band forms the foundation of your bra's support. It's the one that provides about 80% of the support you need. It should sit horizontally around your body, parallel to the ground. You should be able to fit no more than two fingers underneath the band. If the band rides up your back, it's too loose; if it digs into your skin uncomfortably, it's too tight.

How a Bra Should Properly Fit - Bra Band

2. Check the Bra Straps

Your bra straps should provide additional support, but they shouldn't be doing all the heavy lifting. Adjust them so that they're snug but do not cause your shoulders to hunch or leave red marks. The straps should stay in place without slipping down.

3. Center Front and Gore

The center front of your bra, also known as the gore, should lay flat against your sternum. If the gore is digging in or irritating your skin, that's a signal your band size might be too small. On the flip side, if you notice it sticking out or resting too loosely, then your band size could be too big.

4. Cup Size Matters

The cups should fully contain your breast tissue without any spillage or gaps. Wrinkles or puckering in the cups usually indicate that the cups are too big. On the other hand, if your breasts are spilling over the cups, it's time to consider a larger size.

5. Underwire Placement

If your bra has an underwire, make sure it encircles your breast tissue without digging into it or resting on it uncomfortably. The wire should follow your natural breast curve, ensuring optimal support.

How a Bra Should Properly Fit - Underwiere Placement

6. The "Two-Finger" Rule

When assessing cup fit, remember the "two-finger" rule. You should be able to slide two fingers underneath the bra straps, band, and cups comfortably. This indicates that your bra is snug yet not overly tight.

7. Swoop and Scoop

When putting on your bra, use the "swoop and scoop" technique. Lean forward and lift your breasts into the cups, ensuring that all breast tissue is inside the cups for proper support and shaping.

8. Reassess your bra size periodically

Our bodies can change over time due to factors like weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging. Don't be afraid to reassess your bra size periodically to ensure you're getting the best fit.

9. Comfort is Key

Ultimately, your bra should feel comfortable from the moment you put it on until you take it off. If it's causing discomfort, pinching, or digging into your skin, it's time to explore different sizes or styles.

In a world where confidence comes from within, a properly fitting bra can be the foundation of feeling your best. Take the time to find the size and style that suits your body, and remember that your comfort and confidence should always come first. So, whether you're conquering the day at the office or stepping out for a special evening, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to ensure that your bra fits like a dream.

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