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Add volume to breasts - NO | Get perky breasts - YES

by WongHayley on Mar 04, 2022

Add volume to breasts - NO | Get perky breasts - YES FallSweet

Do you know?

There is no proven method for breast enlargement other than surgery.

There are no foods or diet plans clinically proven to increase breast size, nor are there any supplements, pumps and creams that can increase breast size. Don't waste your money on creams and lotions that promise to improve breast shape and size.

Breast enlargement surgery has its own risks. Implants don't last forever and may need to be removed, which can cause permanent changes in natural breasts - including deflation, wrinkles and scarring. Complications can also occur during implantation, sometimes with irreversible results.

The best natural way to enhance the appearance of your chest is to perform exercises that strengthen your chest, back, and shoulder area. Good posture also helps.

Perkiness is a desirable feature of good-looking breasts

How to have perky breasts?

1. Wear a bra

Bras are great for shaping your breasts. Wear a bra that fits your breasts perfectly and helps your body support your breasts

1: Front bra can increase cleavage
2: Balcony bras create a sense of lift, not a squeeze
3: Flat bra lifts up like a push-up without squeezing your breasts
4: Placing breast pads under the outside of your breasts can greatly improve your cleavage.


2. Massage your breasts

Regularly massaging your breasts with a good breast enhancement cream can not only increase the elasticity of your skin but also improve blood circulation around your breasts.

Use moisturizer and sunscreen, it can help your skin stay stronger and firmer for longer


3. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is another way to improve blood circulation in the breasts. The hydrotherapy improves overall blood flow and awakens the nerves, thereby increasing your elastin and collagen levels and promoting breast firmness.

In the shower, wash your breasts with warm water for half a minute. Then submerge them in cold water for ten seconds. Repeat this process for a few minutes


4. Drink plenty of water

Moisture is very important to keep breast skin healthy and shiny.
Staying hydrated can help make your breasts firmer and bigger after weight loss. By drinking plenty of water, your skin will get enough water to rehydrate. It helps prevent wrinkles and sagging of the breasts.


5. Targeted practice

Workouts that target your upper body will help strengthen your chest muscles and improve your posture, which will make your breasts look more vibrant.

1. Using different yoga poses can strengthen many parts of the body
2. The ling plank
3. Pushup
4. The dumbbell chest press
5. The dumbbell fly


6. Eat a healthy diet

A nutrient-dense diet helps you maintain healthy breast tissue, which keeps your breasts firm and active. (Drinking milk and eating dairy products, soy products do not increase breast size

1. Eat more nuts, fish, soybeans to increase fatty acid
2. Eat more avocados and eggs to increase monounsaturated fats and promote breast tissue growth
3. Eat foods high in antioxidants to maintain healthy tissue


7. Maintain a healthy and stable weight

Adipose tissue in the breast contains cells called adipocytes, which expand when you gain fat and shrink when you lose fat. When you gain weight, you don't actually increase the number of fat cells in your breasts - the fat cells there just get bigger
If you need to lose weight, do so gradually so the fat tissue can adapt to your changing body

A slim waist will accentuate your bust because your breasts are more defined in proportion to your waist. Weight fluctuations can stretch the breast skin, causing the breast tissue to lose elasticity, which can lead to sagging. Increasing core strength through exercise is a great way to strengthen the muscles that support your breasts
At the same time, shapewear can accentuate your natural curves, thereby lifting your bust.


8. Correct posture

The best sleeping position for your chest is on your back, which allows your chest to support your entire chest weight.
Keeping your shoulders back and not slouching will not only keep your body aligned, but your breasts will look fuller and firmer.


9. Temporary Solutions

Bust Contour: Use darker makeup to deepen the shadows and add highlight to the areas you want to accentuate.

Breast lift tape: You can buy skin-friendly body tape online or at most places that sell underwear, but you'll need to wear clothing that will cover the tape.
Silicone bra inserts: Put these into your bra to push your breasts up and in.

Remember: No technique or exercise will give you permanent results if you are inconsistent. Of course, there's nothing like great posture, a big smile, and the confidence to know you're amazing - that's who you are!

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