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Comfortable Black Padded Front Closure T-Shirt Bra

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FallSweet Comfortable Black Padded Front Closure T-Shirt Bra

Discover the distinctive features of this T-shirt padded bra that set it apart. The remarkable front closure design adds to its allure, ensuring a hassle-free experience when putting it on. Say goodbye to the unnecessary hassle of traditional padded bra.

Showing the Front Closure Padded Bra FallSweetBreathable for Front Closure Padded Bra FallSweet

Equipped with a row of five hooks and eyes, this bra's front closure offers both functionality and style. Complementing its practicality are the additional side panels, providing enhanced coverage and seamless straps for a sleek aesthetic. Crafted from exceptionally smooth fabric, this padded bra guarantees not only comfort but also breathability, allowing you to exude confidence and feel your best throughout the day.

Design of Front Closure Padded Bra FallSweet

Moreover, the variety in sizing options makes this padded bra truly accommodating. With eight distinctive sizes ranging from 34 to 48, and an array of cup sizes including B, C, and D, you have the freedom to select the perfect fit for yourself.

Details of Front Closure Padded Bra FallSweet

What sets this padded bra apart from its conventional counterparts is its wireless design, which effectively lifts the breasts, creating a more centered and lifted appearance. Embrace the daily grind with enhanced beauty and self-assuredness as you revel in the elegance of this exceptional bra.

Side and back of Front Closure Padded Bra FallSweet

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Fabric and care instructions

64.3% Nylon, 35.7% Spandex

Always wash your bras by hand
Washing machines can cause snags, rips, and tears. We recommend that you wash your bras, by hand, after every second or third wear with a soap designed for delicate fabrics.

Let them air dry
The high-heat and tumbling action of dryers can ruin elastic and cups. Alway lay your bras flat or hang them to dry. They'll thank you for it.

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Vince Jacobs

I ימדוד ואבדוק תודהה it perfect סבבה קצת קטן

Sydnee Bayer

Thank you very much to the seller, the quality is wonderful, only the size I did not guess, on my size 42 it was necessary 38 ((and so just super

Carol Horgan

Comfortable Front Closure T-Shirt Bra—Black